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I Love Sushi Regular Customer Program
terms and conditions

  1. I Love Sushi Regular Customer Program

    I Love Sushi Frequent Customer Program is a bonus opportunity for our online Sushmus Kft. (registered seat: H-1027 Budapest, Bem Blvd 56) customers – (hereinafter: ILS customers) – that enables regular customers to collect points and enjoy discounts when buying certain gifts. Online customers can collect further Regular Customer Points with their orders (hereinafter: Points). These Points can be used for purchasing gifts on the www.ilovesushi.hu site. Please click on the following link for our current gifts: www.ilovesushi.hu.

  2. Participation in I Love Sushi Regular Customer Program
    1. You enroll in this Program automatically by placing an order on the www.ilovesushi.hu website enabling you to collect Points continuously (on all your future orders).
    2. I Love Sushi has the right to reject point redemption claims, in case the applicant
      • is not a natural person; or
      • the ILS customer has any outstanding debts to I Love Sushi; or
      • in case the ILS customer was not entitled to the points or collected them via misuse
    3. Points are personalized and cannot be transfered or used by any another person.
    4. ILS customer rules: I Love Sushi credits Points but in case the ILS customer disputes our calculation, the customer has to prove that a mistake was made by ILS. Please keep your receipts for the above purpose.
    5. Points are valid within one calendar year from the date of crediting after the purchase. Points older than one year become void and cannot be used any longer. Employees of Sushmus Kft., their family members or close relatives are not entitled to redeem points.
    6. A Sushmus Kft. dolgozói, azok családtagjai és közeli hozzátartozói nem jogosultak a pontok beváltására.
  3. Points
    1. ILS Customers on www.ilovesushi.hu receive one Point for each gross HUF 1,000 of a purchase, and Points are automatically credited to customer IDs. Only online orders generate Points and Points can only be used on the www.ilovesushi.hu website.
    2. I Love Sushi can unilaterally change the conditions at any time related to Points and their collection and redemption by providing announcements on the www.ilovesushi.hu website. Any changes are only valid after publication. I Love Sushi is not responsible for any damages originating from possible changes.
    3. Points can only be redeemed for the purchase of goods. Points may not be redeemed for cash, discounts or refunds. ILS customers are not entitled to claim any compensation for any Points not redeemed, expired or blocked.
  4. Data management
    1. Please click this link www.ilovesushi.hu for customer data management rules.
    2. Personal data management, query, forwarding, changes, or deletion are regulated by the then currently valid data protection laws.
  5. Establishing and terminating participation
    1. Online orders establish a contractual relation between I Love Sushi and customers.
    2. I Love Sushi is entitled to terminate this legal relation with immediate effect and make the customer Points void, in case the customer:
      • Discloses false data to I Love Sushi; or
      • Attempts to misuse the Points or other infringement of rights in relation to this legal relation.
      When any contract is terminated according to the above with immediate effect, I Love Sushi is not obliged to redeem existing customer Points and the customer cannot claim any compensation for damages.
    3. I Love Sushi is entitled to unilaterally terminate the Frequent Customer Program at any time, or suspend it temporarily with prior notice. Notifications will be posted to the www.ilovesushi.hu website. On the third day from the publication of such notice, no more Points will be issued and in the remaining period the Frequent Customer Program remains active – with the exception of suspension – only the redemption of Points is possible. Points not redeemed prior to the termination date of the Frequent Customer Program become void.
  6. Data management
    1. Any financial obligations related to this legal relation (primarily in relation to issuing and redeeming Points (taxes, dues, duties, etc.)) – are to be borne by the customer unless regulated otherwise by law. Payment of such obligations are the responsibility of the customer even in the case they were primarily to be paid by I Love Sushi in the event the law makes it possible to defer them to the customer.
    2. I Love Sushi will inform customers via notices on its website www.ilovesushi.hu regarding all matters, rules and regulations related to the Regular Customer Program, especially related to changes, suspension or termination of the Regular Customer Program.
    3. Frequent Customer Program and these General Conditions for Participation are to be regulated by the provisions of the current Hungarian law.

Budapest, March 1, 2016

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