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Regular customer program terms and conditions

  1. The I Love Sushi Customer Program

    The I Love Sushi Customer Program is a bonus system in which online customers can redeem their reward points at a discount, received by collecting loyalty points at Sushmus Ltd (headquarters: 56 Bem rakpart, Budapest 1027) – hereinafter: I Love Sushi. By means of an online order, online customers can collect Loyalty Points (hereinafter: points), which they are able to redeem on the www.ilovesushi.hu website.

  2. Participation in the I Love Sushi Customer Program
    1. Customers apply for admission to the customer program with their order on the www.ilovesushi.hu website, being continuously entitled to collecting points.
    2. I Love Sushi may refuse point redemption if applicant
      • is not a natural person, or
      • if customer has overdue debt towards I Love Sushi
      • if customer acquired points unduly or by abuse
    3. Points can exclusively be redeemed attributed to a person, owner is not eligible to transfer or pass on points to anyone else.
    4. Customer policy: Points are credited by I Love Sushi, in case customer disagrees with the accounts, they must prove its inaccuracy. To this end, receipts must be kept.
    5. Points are valid until the end of the calendar year which follows the purchase-related crediting. Unredeemed points expire, further use beyond the specified deadline is not possible
    6. Sushmus Ltd employees, their family members and close relatives are not entitled to redeem points
  3. The point system
    1. Customers of www.ilovesushi.hu website get 1 point per gross 2000 HUF at every purchase, being credited automatically on customer’s identification number. Points are given only after online orders and are to be redeemed online exclusively on www.ilovesushi.hu website.
    2. Each point can be redeemed in the value of 100 HUF, which can be deducted from the total of your order by the finalisation of said order.
    3. Conditions for issuance and redemption of points, as well as provisions of present policy can be modified unilaterally at any time by a publication of notice on www.ilovesushi.hu website by I Love Sushi. The modification shall not take effect until it is published. I Love Sushi does not owe liability for damages resulting from any modifications
    4. Points can exclusively be redeemed in the case of purchasing goods, no cash payment shall be made in exchange for their redemption, they cannot be exchanged for money. No point credit is due after the total of delivery charges and beverage products. Owner of points is not entitled to compensation, or claiming any consideration after points not redeemed, expired, invalidated or locked.
  4. Data management policy
    1. Rules for customer data management policy are included in the privacy policy on www.ilovesushi.hu website. The provisions of data protection legislation in force at any time shall apply to the management, retrieval, transmission, modification and deletion of personal data.
  5. Establishment and termination of participation
    1. Contractual relationship between customer and I Love Sushi is established by online order.
    2. I Love Sushi is entitled to terminate present relationship with immediate effect and at the same time invalidate customer’s points, if customer:
      • provides false information to I Love Sushi for reasons attributable to customer
      • abuses points and/or commits other infringements relating to present legal relationship.
      In the event of immediate termination of the contract pursuant to the above, I Love Sushi is not obliged to redeem customer’s existing points and may claim compensation.
    3. I Love Sushi is entitled to terminate the Customer Program unilaterally at any time with prior notice or to temporarily suspend the Offer. The notification shall be made by publication on the www.ilovesushi.hu website. From the 3rd day following the date of publication of this notice, the issuance of points shall be terminated, and – except in the case of interruption – only points can be redeemed for the remaining time until the end of the Customer Program. Points not redeemed by the date of termination of Customer Program become invalid on the date of termination.
  6. Data management policy
    1. Any public charges (primarily related to the issuance and redemption of points) incurred in the course of present legal relationship (taxes, contributions, fees, etc.) – unless otherwise provided by law – shall be borne by the customer. Public charges shall also be borne by customer if they were to be paid primarily by I Love Sushi, however, the law provides for the possibility of passing on public charges to the customer.
    2. I Love Sushi informs customer on all relevant issues regarding Customer Program by notices posted on its website (www.ilovesushi.hu), in particular on the modification, intermission or termination of the Offer.
    3. The Customer Program, as well as present General Terms and Conditions of Participation and the Regulations, are governed by the current rules of Hungarian law.

Budapest, 1st January 2022.