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Sushi and wine

Etyeki Sikkes package

Ban Gohan box (2 pieces of salmon nigiri, 2 pieces of tiger prawn nigiri, 6 pieces of salmon maki, 6 pieces of tuna maki, 3 pieces of avocado maki, 3 pieces of cucumber maki)
Gervai János Etyeki Sikkes wine (0.7 l)
2 glasses
7 980 Ft / piece

Gervai János Etyeki Sikkes 2017 0.7 l

Chardonnay és sauvignon blanc házasítása. Közepes intenzitású, friss illat, benne egres, zöldalma, fehér húsú őszibarack, érintésnyi ananász. Könnyed, üde, arányos felépítésű bor, ropogós savakkal, épp csak leheletnyi cserességgel.
2 wine glasses
1 890 Ft / piece
3 480 Ft / piece
3 480 Ft / piece

Váli Badacsonyi Kéknyelű

Specialty of Badacsony (Lake Balaton), the most amazing combination with the fish dishes. Its mineral, salty, citrus long last natural taste made it an extraordinary wine for sushi, too.
Grade of alcohol: 12%
3 390 Ft / piece

Gál Cserszegi Fűszeres

With its elderflower smell and with its spicy-fuity aromas it is another good choice for all time of the year. Try it as a fröccs as well (Fröccs is a Hungarian specialty, don't miss to try it during your stay in Budapest)
Grade of alcohol: 12,5%
2 180 Ft / piece

MATUA Sauvignon Blanc 2019

One of our favourite wines from New Zealand, from the Marlborough region, which one of our colleagues also assisted with in the winemaking in the 2019 vintage. Beautiful appearance, explosive aromas with mint, ripe citrus fruit and basil. The palate is also intense, vibrant and really delicious. The exciting green herb aromas of the nose continue nicely on the palate, then comes cut grass, grapefruit, lime, green melon, with silky and complex acids. Owing to the warm vintage, it became an even riper and more complex wine, which is further enriched by the fine lees and ageing in steel tank.
Alc. 13,5 %
6 100 Ft / piece

MAD from Mad 2017

Fresh white wine bottled just after the tank fermentation for the conservation of the fruity flavor.
With young, primary aromas and complex acidity it becomes the essential wine of the garden parties and barbecues. Reccomended to spicy meals and Asian kitchen.
Alc. 12 %
2 890 Ft / piece
Fish free