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Udon noodle foods

Okonomiyaki japanese pizzas

This all-in-all food originates from Osaka. The ingredients fish and vegetables is such a fundamental part for this magnificent dish, whic is pancake like kind of pie.

Edamame bean foods

Sushi burgers

The SUSHI HABURGERS donate a healthy alternative and a brand new taste to the burger funs.
Between the rice tempura buns you can enjoy a planty of flavours whether you desire classic beef or salmon burger if you’re hungry for red tuna loved already in sushi!

Zero Calories


Would you like to lose your weight? Having healthy foods? Do you suffer in food allergy?

The ZEROKALORIA - a carbohydrate-free pasta is you need.

This pasta is made from tuber of devil’s tongue which is a plant native from South-East Asia.

The ZEROKALORIA the carbohydrate-free pasta can be the main of all of dietary receipt.
No artificial coloring, aroma or preservatives. No individual taste of the pasta, it depends on you what kind of tasty food you would prepare.
You can find a detailed description at: www.zerokaloria.hu.


Chic sushies

Maki sushies

Maki combos

Inside-out maki combos

Giant maki sushies

Nigiri sushies

Nigiri boxes

Maki boxes


Party boxes

Lunchtime menu from 12 to 3 P.M.

Bento boxes

Ramens, miso ramens

Sweet cold soups

Miso soups

No carb foods

It’s a perfect variation to the traditional noodle containing high carbohydrate. Our organics noodles without colorants, preservatives and flavourings basicly don’t contain carbohydrate and calories and have extremely low glycemia index.



Fusion foods




Big portion of salads



Soft drinks

Mineral water

Japanese beer



Sushi and wine

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